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Innovative brokers are realizing the benefits of True Captive

Stand out against the competition. We are the only captive in the country that invests in each of our member groups giving you a unique product offering like no other in the market.

True Captive contributes up to 95% of the required collateral which creates a low barrier to entry for your client to join the captive.

Show your client we are aligned

Not only do we invest in each group, we share upside and downside risk. If your client has a bad year, we are insulating your client from taking the full brunt of the downside.

Our investment creates complete alignment. We are motivated to work closely with the group throughout the year to control high-cost claims and find innovative ways to give their employees the best healthcare at the best cost.

Amaze your clients with complete customization

We are vendor agnostic and will work with any partner you client prefers. If your client needs recommendations, our Powerful Partnerships program makes it easy to customize a health plan.

Our Powerful Partnerships program offers a suite of vetted and preferred partners making it easy to build a health plan that meets the needs of your client and delivers the best experience for their employees.

Grow trust with transparent pricing

Trust starts with transparent pricing. Our value-based approach to pricing allows you to provide your client with the best possible health plan at the lowest cost up front.

There are no hidden fees in our proposal which means no surprises for your client.

True Captive helps you set your client up for long-term stability and reduced volatility at renewal.

Create clients for life

  • We encourage clients to retain their existing Broker relationships once in the captive, insulating your clients from the competition.
  • Our team of experts are there to partner with you and your client throughout the year, not just at renewal.
  • We use a data-driven approach to identify opportunities to impact high-cost claims and proactively look for ways to optimize the health plan for your client.
  • We are hyper-focused on the customer. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction leading to retention of the group for you and True Captive.

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