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Healthcare is Personal to Us.

Three generations of medical knowledge and expertise provides a foundation of trust.

A Family Legacy in Healthcare

Health and patient care used to be different. David’s grandfather, Dr. Gordon S. Voorhees, was an Army Physician serving in WWII with the rank of Captain. After the war, he returned home and began an internal medicine practice in Leavenworth, Kansas as one of the first board certified physicians in the area. As a young, aspiring physician, David’s grandfather would take him on house calls to visit patients. At that time, health care was personal, and insurance wasn’t confusing. 

David’s father was an elite vascular thoracic surgeon who trained under the great Dr. DeBakey, a pioneer of heart surgery and lifesaving devices. He would often perform surgeries pro bono when HMOs complicated payments or the medical process by making decisions based on cost versus the right course of treatment.  

Having built his career around people with specialties in health care and benefits, David gained the knowledge, expertise and relationships necessary to build captive insurance programs that provide access to the best care available. His unwavering desire to make healthcare less complicated, more transparent, and cost efficient provides much needed relief to small and midsize business owners trying to navigate the complexities of healthcare insurance.

David Voorhees

David Voorhees, Founder and CEO

David Voorhees is an award winning, outside the box thinker with a lifelong passion to make healthcare more easily understandable, consumable and affordable.  While solving problems across the US for companies he has served in HR and Operations, he has learned how to partner with teams to roll out sophisticated health care programs and creating win -wins for employees and business owners. When he’s not working to solve the ever-changing Rubik’s Cube of healthcare, he enjoys spending his free time with his family, traveling and visiting new places.

Our mission is to show small to medium size businesses how to successfully participate in these programs that provide sophisticated and innovative healthcare products while benefiting from the economics of a captive arrangement.